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Jon is our British founding partner. He was born and raised in Bournemouth and joined the Royal Navy at 18 where he spent 14 years working as an Officer and Air Traffic controller. He has since left the forces and returned permanently to Bournemouth where he is often seen visiting our local suppliers and building relationships. 

His natural leadership, competitiveness and charisma has built an international network of clients and he is the key to Fresha's global successful story. He's got an exemplary knowledge of the bartender's world as his grandfather was a world famous cocktail champion and inventor of many drinks still used in the trade. 

He and his own father have maintained a keen interest in the field and both invented our signature Fresha cocktails.



Guillermo was born and raised in Sanlucar de Barrameda,  and went on to train to become a pharmacist in Seville & Salerno in Italy.

Moving to England in 2012, Guillermo embarked on a journey to learn Pharmacy and the English culture. Not long after he met our English founder Jon in Bournemouth. They struck up a friendship around their shared love of food & drink.

Guillermos’ understanding of chemistry was key when it came to the formulation of our recipe and the botanicals we use.


He is our vital link between the U.K. and Spain and ensures both the distilling team and the administration in the U.K. stay on track and understand the cultural work differences and expectations.  A vital cog and unrivalled enthusiasm behind Fresha, he loves nothing more than being out and about meeting people loving Fresha.



Sergio was aborn and raised in Sanlucar de Barrameda and worked with local world famous Sherry producers and vineyards prior to becoming a founder of Fresha. Sergio & Guillermo are brothers, and manage the Anglo/Spanish relationships.

The eldest of our founding trio he is now the head of our Spanish operations and distiller on site in Andalucia. Considered the most patient of the team, vital for a good distiller, he assures quality, consistency with ingredients, logistics and production. He has a lovely wife Vanessa and a son Junior Sergio